Water Damage Restoration

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Almost 75% of all property damage involves water damage.  This can happen for an assortment of reasons. Ultimately, a sudden surge of water may flood your ground floor or basement because of unfavorable weather conditions from natural flooding, sewer back up, or something as simple as a broken or burst pipe. Water can cause devastating damage to both your homes structural integrity, possessions and family treasures.

 Additionally mold growth can start or occur within 48 hours. After the water has affected personal items or structures, the aftermath can be detrimental to your health and possibly cause serious long term health issues. Our crews work quickly to remove standing water and promptly mitigate the issue using their knowledge, experience and specialized equipment. By moving swiftly we ensure the drying and restoration of your home is completed as efficiently as possible. Not every situation is the same however by utilizing our extensive experience and access to the most up to date equipment, you can be sure that Direct Restoration is here for you and your business.